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December 22, 2016

HR Is Dead: 7 Startups Focusing On The Employee Experience

If you read our previous article The Rise of The Employee Experience we predicted that a new generation of ‘emotional’ HR tools will emerge. This time we picked out 7 companies that we think can help companies improve the emotional side of their employee experience.

“The emotional experiences is rooted in feelings: how does the employee feel at work? Does he feel that he is developing himself, that his boss cares about him and that he is getting the recognition he feels he deserves? Does she align with company values, brand, culture and so on?”



Hivy is a tool to easily manage the office experience. Broken printer? No AC? Pepsi instead of Coca Cola? Hivy collects all requests for the office manager who can then follow up. The included analytics module helps you optimize your office for the best employee experience.

“Office Managers can say goodbye to messy post-its, endless emails or complex spreadsheets. All requests are centralized on one board making it easy to keep track of what is “pending”, “accepted” and “done”. It’s time to make your Office Management more productive!

With Hivy Analytics, keep track of how much time you need to complete a task and check what’s at the top of the to-do list. Using all the data extracted from your company requests, we can help you anticipate and optimize exactly what your office needs and when. It’s never been easier for you to keep everyone happy!”




Crystal is not a HR tool as of such. But it’s still incredible and we are sure that these types of tools will be part of the future workplace. Crystal determines your DISC personality type from your public data (or an assessment if you choose to sign up) and helps you communicate with empathy.

The power lies in adapting your style of communication to who you are communicate with – a feat that is only possible if you know both of your personality types. And equally relevant in sales and in HR.

You can search for anyone and instantly get their personality profile, even if they have not signed up themselves. Pair yourself with a colleague, customer or friend and Crystalknows will provide you insightful advice on working together, managing relationships and providing feedback. It sounds too good to be true but it works really well. Try it out!



Saberr helps you set the right team for the task. Their platform profiles your employees to give you a complete picture of individual and team performance dynamics. To improve team performance Saberr will give you “nudges” leading to happier and more effective teams.

They also assess cultural/value fit of new hires through a test framework, improving the quality and retention of new hires. Their data approach is a bit controversial amongst some (are people really just numbers and surveys?) but are surely interesting.

“We use sophisticated mathematics and psychology to build powerful algorithms that allow us to predict the likelihood of success for working relationships. The use of computational algorithms allows us to thoroughly and accurately analyse all potential candidates in a very short timeframe.

A happy team is a more successful team. Wouldn't it be ideal if you could know in advance if a team was going to succeed? Or if a new recruit was destined to fit in perfectly with the rest of the company? Saberr allow you to measure the future performance of a new team or recruit based on the relevant interpersonal relationships.

Our innovative methods are specifically designed to bring individuals together in ways that increase productivity, communication and innovation. The teams we design gel instantly, and the recruits we select go on to do great things for their companies.”




Shameless plug, but we had to put Duuoo on this list. While we think that data, surveys and perks are great we have a strong belief that nothing replaces basic human connection.

Our platform facilitates 1-on-1 talks between manager and employee – we auto-schedule the meetings, save your notes and record action items for future accountability.

We guide you before, after and under the session. Employee preparation and talking points are handled through our Conversation Engine™ that understands the context and needs of each employee.

Our mission is to build a tool that gives managers superpowers. With built-in management training and topic recommendations we help you unlock the full potential of your employees.

First team is free to try. If you’d like to try out our platform sign up here: duuoo.io


Culture Amp

Culture Amp is a data-driven analytics platform to measure the morale and happiness in the workforce. The data is gathered from engagement surveys which gauge the employees emotional commitment to the company on a regular basis.

The analytics platform then visualizes results to help managerial staff improve in areas that may be causing dissatisfaction, such as lack of promotion opportunities. In addition to measuring how engaged (or not) staffers are, Culture Amp also provides ideas on how to improve scores.

“Culture Amp takes running an employee survey and combines it with a great user experience and powerful analytics.

You get fully customizable engagement, onboarding, exit, pulse and specialized surveys out-of-the-box. Real data and genuine insight on your most important asset.”

Culture Amp


Honey is a product by the digital design lab Huge. It’s a beautiful intranet solution packaged as a Facebook-like social network. Combined with a deep archive for company knowledge it serves at the central point of communication across the enterprise. Internal documents such as training manuals and HR guidelines lives alongside discussion boards on new ideas or requests for the friday bar.

E-mail is slowly but surely being phased out in many organizations and replaced by chat, (think Slack and HipChat) social networks and other solutions that are tailored made for internal communication. Honey excels with their beautiful interface and deep e-mail integration. Even users who are not actively using the platform can stay updated and communicate entirely through their e-mail client.

Organize company resources, project files, and shared interests into flexible, easy-to-search groups. Join the groups that matter to you, customize your newsfeed, and hand-pick your email notifications to get the info you need to do (and love!) your job.

As you grow, it gets harder to get to know everybody on your team. Especially people in different cities! Honey’s people profiles and directory make it easy to remember names, find co-workers by city or department, and make friends who share common interests.



In the tech industry the war for talent is fierce – and one one the ways to attract and retain talent is to provide employee perks. Google, Facebook and similiar tech giants are investing heavily in providing food, transport, gym, coaching etc. for their employees. AnyPerk is on a mission to make it easier for smaller companies to provide these perks for their employees.

Managers can hand out on-the-spot bonuses and employees can use the app to take advantage of everything from discounted gym memberships to flash-sales of theatre tickets.

“AnyPerk provides high-quality employee perks including discounts and VIP treatment in fitness, telecom, entertainment, and travel to companies of any size.

AnyPerk brings together thousands of companies to achieve the high level of rewards it offers to clients. By focusing on working with national chains, AnyPerk is making it easier to grow their business and continue to motivate the employees of enterprises on a large scale.”

Victor Riparbelli

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