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December 22, 2016

The Duuoo Conversation Engine™

At Duuoo we are interested in what is important for employees in order for them to feel engaged, satisfied and secure at work. At the same time we also focus on what is important for the workplace in order to drive a professional, competent and effective workforce.

In order to learn what is important to employees and managers, we have conducted countless interviews, talked with numerous experts, scholars and specialists and compared all of that with research in the fields of I-O psychology, coaching and management.

We have embodied all this knowledge and experience in what we call ‘The Duuoo Conversation Engine™’ which works as the heart of the Duuoo platform.

The Duuoo Conversation Engine™ provides four intelligent Talking Points to each 1-on-1 meeting between the team member and the manager. The four Talking Points are generated in order to increase the employee engagement and to help managers bring the best out in their team.

The four Talking Points are generated with input from a number of triggers about the specific 1-on-1. This way The Duuoo Conversation Engine™ is able to generate relevant and powerful Talking Points specific for each 1-on-1 meeting.

Small selection of the triggers included in The Duuoo Conversation Engine:

The four Talking Points provided by The Duuoo Conversation Engine are carefully adapted into the specific 1-on-1 situation and are integrated into the Duuoo 1-on-1 Cycle.

The Duuoo Cycle

Automated and intelligent scheduling with calendar integrationPreparation1-on-1 meetingAgreements and traceability

The  CycleDuuoo

What is a Talking Point?

A Talking Point is a starting point for a conversation about a certain topic that the team member and the manager talk about at the 1-on-1 meeting.

Talking Points should only work as starting points as we don’t believe that technology should micro manage the conversation - any good and valuable conversation is built up around real human beings engaging with each other.

The aim with The Duuoo Conversation Engine™ is to create dynamic and intelligent Talking Points that don’t feel mechanical or impersonal.

That’s why each set of Talking Points is designed by one of our human specialists while including the triggers specific for each 1-on-1 situation.

Magnus Stawicki Blak

My name is Magnus and I work as an Employee Engagement Specialist at duuoo.io